Welcome to the website of the Clarus Animus Foundation

The official purpose of the Foundation

The official purpose of the Foundation is to show the real nature of Scientology, expose its harmful activities and help its victims. The Foundation focuses its operations on Hungary, but intends to contribute to the overall European and international anti-Scientology effort.

What are our problems with Scientology?

Disconnection. Probably the most inhumane practice of Scientology, which is responsible for breaking up countless families and  bringing about unnecessary grief and suffering. The personal stories available on this website can give you a clear idea about his horrific institution.

Fleecing their so-called parishioners and staff. The memoirs of their former staff members, lists of financial supporters published on this website and relevant writings of L. Ron Hubbard convey the image of a supremely greedy organization. According to David Mayo, former auditor (spiritual counselor) of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology admitted to him that he was obsessed by “an insatiable lust for power and money”. The current operational pattern of the Church is definitely a true reflection of this personality trait. Members of their elite management organization (the so-called Sea Org members, who are referred to as “monks) work 14-18 hours per day on a regular basis. Elderly Sea Org members who no longer can meet the physical demands  of this demanding schedule are simply discarded and turned over to government facilities.

Abusing the trust of well-intentioned people. Sadly, the Church of Scientology gets its hands on a huge amount of financial resources which would cause much more benefit if used by other non-profit organization. Additionally, their alluring (but ultimately empty) promises attract and entrap those people (who seek spiritual fulfillment) who could do so much good anywhere else.

Amassing a huge amount of sensitive private data. As various official statements have pointed out (see the Privacy & Data Processing section of this website), the Church of Scientology collects an extraordinary amount of personal data of critically sensitive nature and not only about its parishioners but about third parties who came into contact with the Church or its members.

Scientology, on the whole, causes a lot of damage to private individuals and to the society as a whole, and that’s why we believe in and urge an effective and organized response.