According to a media reports, the following death cases can be linked to Scientology in Hungary.

Source: article in Népszabadság, dated 23 August 2005 (in Hungarian)

An English translation of the article can be found here: Mysterious suicides and the Church of Scientology.

dr. Éva Oltványi (1999)
Acting upon the advice of Scientologists, she reportedly refused psychiatric treatment and voluntarily left the hospital.

Note: Her sad story has also been covered in detail by prominent psychiatrist András Veér in Chapter 2 of his book called Magyarország a szcientológia (pók)hálójában {Hungary in the (Spider)Web of Scientology} – for an English translation, please click on this link: Fatal Clarity.

Gábor Pesti (2001)
Gábor Pesti, a diabetic, changed his doctor to  a Scientologist one, who was a neurologist by trade. What exactly happened after that is unknown (as neurologists cannot prescribe insulin),  but the young man died.

Zoltán K. (2002)
Mentioned in the aforementioned article.

István Horváth (2005)
His story is fully covered in aforementioned article.

According to certain former members of the Church of Scientology, Attila Jakab took his own life as an active member of the  local Dianetics Center in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania, sometime between 2005-2007.