About Us

The Foundation

Clarus Animus Foundation was established in September, 2015.

The purpose of the foundation is to reveal the true nature of Scientology, disclose its harmful activities and to provide assistance to its victims.

It was established for the primary reason to provide a unified and effective platform to fight against Scientology in Hungary and Central Europe.

Medium-term Goals

Create a website to publish every document, important data and documentary available about Scientology in Hungarian, as well as any media articles and any publicly available official data and statistics about the Hungarian activities of the Scientology organization.

Advices and guides will also be published to help the victims of Scientology, and the Foundation intends to provide legal and psychological assistance as well.

We intend to ask scientists and experts to give expert opinions on and scientific examination of Scientology practices.

Also, the Foundation offers its support to government agencies who request it in Scientology-related matters.

The Trustee

The Trustee of the Foundation is Peter Bonyai, who was a high-ranking staff member of the Hungarian branch office of the Church between 1997 and 2005.

His story has been published in a book called Money, Power, Servitude – Adventures in the Wonderland of Scientology, available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.