The Drugfree Marathon for Hungary has ended (with video)

The No. 1. Scientology front group in Hungary, Drugfree Marathon for Hungary has concluded. According to their reports, they ran for 42 days, visited over 300 settlements, and distributed “hundreds of thousands” of “Truth About Drugs” booklets.

A video of the rather underwhelming final yards was published, which makes one wonder that the statistics reported by them have anything to do with reality.

The movement was launched 16 years ago by a Scientologist, and its real and original purpose was to promote Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard by having people associate it with a positive message (leading a drug-free life) and to generate positive news articles about the Church.

Major media outlets are increasingly aware of their actual agenda, so they did not have much success recently in terms of positive coverage.

All they got is a scathing report from HCLU (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union), a respected human rights watchdog, which condemns them for their hidden Scientology connections and also criticizes the “Truth About Drugs” booklets, calling them pseudo-scientific, heavily inaccurate and misleading.

In the last years, they also have been officially blacklisted by  the Ministry of Education, so all public schools are “strongly advised” not to invite them to hold lectures.

The video clearly shows that the “event” was held in Budapest Ideal Org, with Alfreddie Johnson, a well-known Scientology fundraiser in attendance.

That’s probably not to best way to hide the Scientology connection.

See for yourself:


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