Future “Budapest Ideal Org” – Current State

by Peter Bonyai


The “Budapest Ideal Org Project” has started 15 years ago (originally as an effort to purchase a suitable building for the Hungarian branch of the C of S), and reportedly it is nearing completion.

The full story of how they obtained the current building is available here in English on Mike Rinder’s blog: The Budapest Boondoggle.

Current State:

The following data was reported by our sources:

  • The renovations of the 169 Váci Street building (Google Street View here) are nearing completion and the new Ideal Org is scheduled to open in the next 30 days.
  • David Miscavige will travel to Budapest and host the event (this was confirmed by multiple sources).
  • There will be separate Day and Foundation orgs, and they want 330 staff members (as of 21st April, they have 188); note that the number of active Scientologists in Hungary is estimated to be around 600-800.
  • They are selling a leatherbound commemorative edition of the Dianetics book to finance a promotional campaign, 500 books are to be sold for 550 USD apiece – as of 21st April, they sold 220.
  • They are putting the Central Files in order, the targeted completion date is 30th April
  • The following specifications are known: the building is 8000 m2 (around 86000 square feet), has 32 auditing rooms, 12 course rooms and a 300-seat chapel.