The Drugfree Marathon for Hungary has ended (with video)

The No. 1. Scientology front group in Hungary, Drugfree Marathon for Hungary has concluded. According to their reports, they ran for 42 days, visited over 300 settlements, and distributed “hundreds of thousands” of “Truth About Drugs” booklets.

A video of the rather underwhelming final yards was published, which makes one wonder that the statistics reported by them have anything to do with reality.

The movement was launched 16 years ago by a Scientologist, and its real and original purpose was to promote Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard by having people associate it with a positive message (leading a drug-free life) and to generate positive news articles about the Church.

Major media outlets are increasingly aware of their actual agenda, so they did not have much success recently in terms of positive coverage.

All they got is a scathing report from HCLU (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union), a respected human rights watchdog, which condemns them for their hidden Scientology connections and also criticizes the “Truth About Drugs” booklets, calling them pseudo-scientific, heavily inaccurate and misleading.

In the last years, they also have been officially blacklisted by  the Ministry of Education, so all public schools are “strongly advised” not to invite them to hold lectures.

The video clearly shows that the “event” was held in Budapest Ideal Org, with Alfreddie Johnson, a well-known Scientology fundraiser in attendance.

That’s probably not to best way to hide the Scientology connection.

See for yourself:


Drogmentes Magyarország Maraton 2017 beérkezés от rutube_account_1372300 на Rutube.


Are Scientologist management consultants trying to hide their links to Scientology?

This week 7 (seven) blog entries in the Hungarian blog of the foundation were complained about to blog service provider, citing privacy/data protection issues, and subsequently they were made unavailable. All these entries covered the activities of Scientologist business consultants.

Also this week, the foundation received 12 (twelve) official privacy-related requests/complaints (registered mail that we had to sign for) from Scientologist business consultants.

The complaints concern the page that lists the Hungarian business consultants who specialize in selling the Hubbard management method (the page on our website that lists them is only available in Hungarian).

Here is a photo of the letters:

There were two types:

  • they either wanted to delete all their personal data (name, company name, ownership etc.) from the information website of the foundation
  • or they wanted to know the following: how did I get their personal data [note: all I published was their names and the names of their companies, which are public record & their affiliation to Scientology is evident from their own websites], where is it published, was it forwarded to anyone and how they can have these data erased.

They will have their answer in 25 days, as mandated by the law.

And a note:

Scientologists are supposedly travelling on a bridge to total freedom.

And yet, both complaint/request types I received were COMPLETELY IDENTICAL. Word for word, they wanted to know the same. That’s how free they are to act.

See here – four different Scientologist senders sent exactly the same request:




The Hungarian Data Protection Agency Raids Scientology Offices

Source: official announcement of the Authority, Part 1 and Part 2 (Hungarian)

The Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Has Launched an Investigation into the Data Processing Practices of the Scientology Religious Association of Hungary

The investigation procedure of the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information was prompted by complaints filed by various individuals. According to these reports, data subject’s rights were violated by the data processing practices used by the Association. The purpose of the official procedure is to ascertain whether the data processing practices of the religious association are in compliance with Hungarian data protection regulations or not.

Citizen complaints were filed at the Authority, in which the submitters shared their own experiences about the Association with the Authority, and asked for assistance in protecting their personal data.

According to one of the applicants, he was happily accepted into the organization when he originally joined it and they helped him during a difficult period of his life. In the course of that, he shared certain personal information with them, which was only known to his closest friends.

A few years later, the complainant decided to leave the organization and asked the Association to release the files kept on him. His request was denied. Additionally, he expressed his concerns about severing his ties with the organization, i.e. he thought that these very sensitive pieces of information, which were recorded in writing, could be used against him. His fears were strengthened by the fact that malicious use of that data could destroy his livelihood and disrupt his family life. He felt defenseless as his request was denied, and consequently he was too afraid to leave the organization.

According to the regulations concerning the protection of personal data, the data manager shall provide access to the documents and records kept on someone when he/she submits a request for that.  As a general rule, if a person requests the deletion of data recorded with his consent, then it cannot be denied.

As part of the investigation launched by the Authority, an on-site inspection was conducted at the central Budapest offices of the organization, as well as at its mission in Nyíregyháza. In the course of the inspection, the Authority seized electronic data storage devices and paper-based documents. The Authority shall inform the public about the results of its investigation.

Budapest, 10 December 2016

Dr. Attila Péterfalvi

The New Budapest Ideal Org – A Summary


On Saturday, 23rd of July, 2016, David Miscavige came to Budapest, Hungary for the first time in the history of Scientology to yank yet another ribbon.

There is a popular mantra among Hungarian Scientologists – “Hungary will be the first Clear country!” So this grand opening ceremony was supposed to be a significant and historic event, a milestone in achieving that aim.

However, the whole spectacle turned out to be much more underwhelming than the loyal Church members probably hoped for.

Not to mention that it took 15 years of relentless fundraising, hard work, Central Files all-nighters and a total outlay of 10-12 million USD to realize this goal.

So, do they have any reason to be happy? Let’s see if they do.


The Attendance

The attendance was decent, but hardly inspiring. According to official Church sources, 3500 Scientologists and guests were present, but eyewitnesses and journalists say that this figure was 2500 at the most.

Since there are around 10000 people in Hungary who completed a major Scientology service and the number of people who bought at least one Scientology book is around 100000, I would not call the number of attendees encouraging.


A Demonstration or an Opening Ceremony?

Local Church members failed to secure an occupancy permit for the public areas they intended to use for their event. They tricked the system though – they notified the police that they would hold a demonstration for religious freedom with guest speakers. This way they also got a free police contingent to secure the event.

So, on paper, it was a peaceful protest. In actual fact it was something else – metal fences were used to cordon off the area, registration booths were set up to screen attendees, the gates had metal detectors and an usually large amount of private security in black suits was watching over the event.


The Speakers

In addition to Miscavige, four so-called VIPs were invited to deliver a speech to the audience.

  1. István Komáromi, a retired high-ranking police officer, the former Police Chief of Pest County, who is now a pop musician and by virtue of that, a local D-list celebrity. Here you can see him as “Pisti Komáromi” in action, performing “The House of Rising Sun” in Hungarian.
  1. Ildikó Hekáné Szondi, a minor government official from the local authority of the City of Szeged, Hungary.
  1. Ágnes Debreceni, an elementary school teacher from a small city in Hungary. Her school has links to Applied Scholastics, a Scientology front group.
  1. István Nemere, a science-fiction novelist, the only one of this bunch who is somewhat well-known in Hungary. Opinions about him and his works are divided. I read quite some of his books. His earlier works were actually decent, but then he become some sort of mass producer of books, and wrote over 600(!) of them. He never received any notable awards and I think that’s probably the reason he wound up around Scientologists. They surely love-bomb him for the occasional endorsements and saying things like ”L. Ron Hubbard is the greatest humanitarian of the 20th and 21st century.”

This roster is not exactly awe-inspiring, isn’t it?


Miscavige’s Speech

When you are a Scientologist and your ecclesiastical leader says things like “It is said the whole world knows your city as a capital of freedom” and ”It is also said that whenever people yearn for liberty, they become ‘citizens of Hungary’”, you must wonder why is he so out of touch with the rest of the world (as both statements are absurd) or why does he employ second-rate hacks as speechwriters.


The Incidents

A local tabloid called Ripost published a story about the opening with rather colorful details. An English translation of it appeared on Tony Ortega’s blog.

Keep in mind that extraordinary security measures were taken. In addition to Church volunteers and numerous OSA staff members, they also hired a large contingent of private security guards. They visibly established a perimeter and there were even patrols around the city block where the event took place. Miscavige had at least 10-12 personal guards following him everywhere.

I managed to speak to a few eyewitnesses to confirm the story. Here is what I learned.

The Roma family incident:


“On a neighboring table in the restaurant sat a well-to-do Roma (Gypsy) family who were having lunch. As is usual at times like this, the family were social and tried to make friends with the Scientologists.

“According to details collected by RiPost, hotel staff said that when the Roma family were told that the guest of honor was the head of the famous Church, they started to dance around him (Comment for context – this is very rare, but if this happens it is something very special. The Hungarian custom is to allow it, enjoy it and soak it in. Also a Roma family could be anything up to 50 people). After a few more glasses of wine, the Roma family began to nag him to bend a spoon, if he’s such a great magician.

“The situation was getting more and more unpleasant for the Hungarian Scientologists, who were finding it difficult to explain things to their leader, a man known to be very aggressive, especially when the Roma family asked the Church leader to make it rain, after all he gets on so well with ‘aliens’.

“The banquet hall then erupted with applause when it really did start to rain outside!”

What actually happened:

The events described actually took place, but Miscavige was most definitely not present. Some of the local prominent members of the Church and their guests were the target of the overly enthusiastic family. Also, the family members were rather drunk when the whole sequence of events started (and we are not talking about just a few glasses of wine).

The shit-throwing incident:


“According to details collected by RiPost, a furious resident, either from the street or from a small white Barkas truck (note for context: brand like Ford, very common in Eastern Europe), threw several buckets of human shit over the Church leader and those accompanying him.

“Several people became immediately unwell from the stench as the Scientology leadership began to run to seek shelter in the newly opened building. The faithful following on their heels were slipping and sliding in the excrement. Scientologists then set about trying to remove all trace of the human excrement while staff inside tried to clean the Church leader’s suit in one the bathrooms; we got this information from chatter from Hungarian Scientologists.”

What actually happened:

A block away from the new building, someone threw four small barrels of liquid pig excrement from a white minivan onto the sidewalk when Miscavige and his entourage were approaching. It happened a block away from the new building. One of the private security guards was fully covered with shit, a few others got smaller doses, but Miscavige himself was not hit.

It must have been a small consolation to the instigator that Scientology’s VIP guests had to pass by that stinking pile when they left the hotel to attend the ceremony.


The Aftermath

According to Scientology beliefs, the inauguration of the Ideal Org should have sent “shockwaves of theta” throughout Hungary and result in an avalanche of positive newspaper articles around the country.

Well, most of the major newspapers and online news portals did write about the grand opening – but mostly either covering the sensationalist claims made by the Ripost article or questioning the involvement of Ildikó Szondi. The national security risks associated with Scientology were also mentioned in several articles. There was only one article in the entire country that put Scientology in somewhat positive light.

Well, that hardly qualifies as the beginning of a new era for Scientology.


Is It Really Done?

There is one slight problem – they still do not have an occupancy permit for the building and it will take a few more weeks to have all the paperwork finalized. So theoretically, they cannot do anything in it (except for construction work) until that is secured.

So, the opening was just a show then, part of the Miscavige’s strategy to reassure the financial backers of Scientology that all is well and expansion is happening.

Well, Scientologists in Hungary already waited 15 years, so a couple more weeks probably will not matter.

But I sincerely hope they started to have some doubts and second thoughts. As you can see, they have every reason to do so.


You are always welcome – NOT!

The following plaques were installed near the front door (photo taken by


Translation of the larger one:

Church of Scientology Budapest
WELCOME, please come in!
Visit our multimedia exhibition!

And under it:
Church of Scientology Budapest
Visitors are required to register at Reception.
Media visits must be arranged in a preliminary manner.
Please call the Director of Public Relations.
Please do not use any audio- or video recording devices in the Church.
This is a private property and the Church reserves its right to deny entry from anyone and remove anyone from the premises.

Budapest Ideal Org – Opens in a Week?

This a short recap of the current state of the Budapest Ideal Org Project.

The End of Endless Fundraising

Seemingly, Hungarian Scientologists have finally completed a 15-year old “cycle of action” (as they say it in Scientologese) and the grand opening of their freshly renovated palace is imminent.

The official date and time of the opening ceremony is 23 July, 13:00 CET (also confirmed by the official Church website called

Remarkably, this is the 4th or 5th date they announced, but according to our sources, this is now for real and there will be no more delays.

The building itself is a 6000 m2 modern office building, and according to the promotional materials published by the Church, it will have 32 auditing rooms, a 300-seat chapel and 12 course rooms.

Why they need such a huge facility is a bit of a mystery. The number of somewhat active Scientologists in Hungary is around 1000-1200, with a dedicated core of 300-400 members. They will definitely struggle to fill this “Ideal Org” with enough customers, and even paying for the utilities will be a considerable challenge.

Recruitment Drive to Create The Biggest Class V Org On The Planet

The new building will house two “Class V” Orgs (which can deliver every service up to the so-called State of Clear), Budapest Day and Budapest Foundation, and there is a huge push to recruit a combined total of 330 staff members to fill every important position in both orgs. The last available report (which is a month old) mentions that they passed the 280 mark.

Should they succeed, Budapest Org would definitely be the biggest non-Sea Org organization on the entire planet.

An Insider Report Paints a Grim Picture

A few days ago, the foundation received a report about the current conditions in the org.

  • New recruits are promised a 60.000 HUF / month salary (around 210 USD and it is below the minimum wage in Hungary), which “will increase to 60.000 HUF / week once things really get rolling”. In actual fact, the average staff members now earns around 30.000 HUF / month (around 105 USD). Staff members are urged to hold positions in both orgs to earn enough money.
  • Facebook accounts of staff members are monitored and staff members are reprimanded for “improper” postings.
  • It is forbidden for staff members to wear piercings and “unnatural” hair dying is not allowed.
  • Good-looking, attractive new staff members are always assigned to “visible” posts with a lot of public contact, regardless of suitability and skillset.
  • Staff members are urged to get their friends into Scientology or get rid of them if that fails.

The Big Boss Is Coming to Town

And yes, it still looks like to David Miscavige could not resist this opportunity to yank yet another ribbon. He is confirmed to come and the frantic scramble to recruit a few VIP speakers for the ceremony has began…

They Want It All

For some reason, the logo of the Budapest Ideal Org contains the Hungarian Parliament Building.

See it here:



No idea why they did that, but I sincerely hope they will never get anywhere near to achieving that implied goal.


Budapest Ideal Org – Opening In A Few Weeks

That’s the latest piece of news about the  Budapest Ideal Org. Its grand opening was originally planned to take place on either 21st or the 28th of May. According a recent promo piece, it will be opened “in the next few weeks”.

Our sources say that they do not have a certificate of occupancy due to “gross incompetence on the part of the Church and the general contractor”, and that’s why they can’t announce a date yet.

One of the leading figures of the “Ideal Org Project” posted the following plan on Facebook:

  1. they intend to complete the fundraising for the media campaign by selling the special leatherbound Dianetics books (it is almost completed, only a few books are left out of the original 500
  2. the newly opened Scientology Media Productions will create and run a campaign when the org is opened. Apparently it will be the first org-related campaign this new entity is doing and it will be based on the surveys conducted in Budapest by Hungarian Scientologists.
  3. new public will swarm the org, looking for answers.

Knowing the Church, #1 will be certainly completed. The rest? Not so sure.

Budapest Ideal Org Opening Has a Date Now – or Two

The grand opening of the Budapest “Ideal Org” building has an official website now here:

It was apparently put up by the European head office of Scientology, and just as other recent Scientology events, attendees are required to register before the event.

The date of the event is either 21 or 28 May – which is strange as the Church tells us in almost any reply to media enquiries that building and opening “Ideal Orgs” is the most important activity they are involved in and a sure sign of their fantastic expansion.

So this statement is rather hard to believe, as they appear to make it really hard to any foreign Scientologist to properly plan and arrange a trip to Budapest and attend this all-important event.

WARNING: A quack, who appears to be a Scientologist, advertises “cure” for autism

The first post about this “treatment” was published by human rights activist Fiona O’Leary on her Tumblr, here: SPOT! New Quack Treatment!

A Hungarian quack called Zoltán “Sági” Tóth, along with his two Hungarian associates, is selling a “cure” for autism.

His English is horrible, so I did not really come across what his “mental training” is really all about. Fortunately for us, he was also questioned about it in his native language and his answers are more telling. The whole chat has been published here in Hungarian, and here are the relevant details.

Based on his reactions and quotes, he is very likely a Scientologist.

Here are some of the things he said (explaining how his “reaction-based mental training” works). He basically states that autism is caused by an unresolved trauma, and by having the person repeatedly talk about the trauma  would discharge it and autism would disappear.

Tóth Zoltán Sagi
For examples, if someone was bitten by a dog then later he will be spooked even when a puppy barks. So, if I imitate the sound of a dog, then it would be visible whether he had been hurt by a dog or not.


Tóth Zoltán Sagi
DNS is the first entry of the system of traumas.
The second one is the conception.
The third are the fears and shocks experienced by the mother during the 9 months of pregnancy.

This is an interpretation of the engram & reactive mind theory as contained in the Dianetics book, written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.


Tóth Zoltán Sagi
I am the first one in the world to fully cure an autistic person and therefore I copyrighted my procedure.

L. Ron Hubbard could have wrote this.

Tóth Zoltán Sagi
We will know then what is at the core of his/her system of traumas, and where should we proceed to transform him/her into a fully sane person.

Tóth Zoltán Sagi
“Sane” means that his negative traumas  were transformed into experiences and he has a very high-level and objective system of conclusions.

That’s what Hubbard wrote about Dianetics auditing, basically.


Tóth Zoltán Sagi
It costs 1,2 million HUF ( around 4000 USD) to fully rehabilitate a person. It takes several months of work. (Note: the price is around double for UK customers.)

Tóth Zoltán Sagi
My education and degrees: aircraft maintenance technician, professional magician, international break dance champion, 9 years of network marketing (MLM), medical consultations, lectures, training courses, communication courses, science of the mind, Objective Processes, auditing, agriculturist…

Relevant parts are highlighted,

Also, according to his Facebook profile, he is friends with virtually every prominent Scientologist in Hungary, including the Executive Director of Budapest Org, the Chairwoman of the OT Committee, the President of WISE Central Europe, org staff members and Scientology businessman.

Future “Budapest Ideal Org” – Current State

by Peter Bonyai


The “Budapest Ideal Org Project” has started 15 years ago (originally as an effort to purchase a suitable building for the Hungarian branch of the C of S), and reportedly it is nearing completion.

The full story of how they obtained the current building is available here in English on Mike Rinder’s blog: The Budapest Boondoggle.

Current State:

The following data was reported by our sources:

  • The renovations of the 169 Váci Street building (Google Street View here) are nearing completion and the new Ideal Org is scheduled to open in the next 30 days.
  • David Miscavige will travel to Budapest and host the event (this was confirmed by multiple sources).
  • There will be separate Day and Foundation orgs, and they want 330 staff members (as of 21st April, they have 188); note that the number of active Scientologists in Hungary is estimated to be around 600-800.
  • They are selling a leatherbound commemorative edition of the Dianetics book to finance a promotional campaign, 500 books are to be sold for 550 USD apiece – as of 21st April, they sold 220.
  • They are putting the Central Files in order, the targeted completion date is 30th April
  • The following specifications are known: the building is 8000 m2 (around 86000 square feet), has 32 auditing rooms, 12 course rooms and a 300-seat chapel.

Welcome to the website of the Clarus Animus Foundation

The official purpose of the Foundation is to show the real nature of Scientology, expose its harmful activities and help its victims. The Foundation focuses its operations on Hungary, but intends to contribute to the overall European and international anti-Scientology effort.

What are our problems with Scientology?

Disconnection. Probably the most inhumane practice of Scientology, which is responsible for breaking up countless families and  bringing about unnecessary grief and suffering. The personal stories available on this website can give you a clear idea about his horrific institution.

Fleecing their so-called parishioners and staff. The memoirs of their former staff members, lists of financial supporters published on this website and relevant writings of L. Ron Hubbard convey the image of a supremely greedy organization. According to David Mayo, former auditor (spiritual counselor) of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology admitted to him that he was obsessed by “an insatiable lust for power and money”. The current operational pattern of the Church is definitely a true reflection of this personality trait. Members of their elite management organization (the so-called Sea Org members, who are referred to as “monks) work 14-18 hours per day on a regular basis. Elderly Sea Org members who no longer can meet the physical demands  of this demanding schedule are simply discarded and turned over to government facilities.

Abusing the trust of well-intentioned people. Sadly, the Church of Scientology gets its hands on a huge amount of financial resources which would cause much more benefit if used by other non-profit organization. Additionally, their alluring (but ultimately empty) promises attract and entrap those people (who seek spiritual fulfillment) who could do so much good anywhere else.

Amassing a huge amount of sensitive private data. As various official statements have pointed out (see the Privacy & Data Processing section of this website), the Church of Scientology collects an extraordinary amount of personal data of critically sensitive nature and not only about its parishioners but about third parties who came into contact with the Church or its members.

Scientology, on the whole, causes a lot of damage to private individuals and to the society as a whole, and that’s why we believe in and urge an effective and organized response.