Budapest Ideal Org – Opening In A Few Weeks

That’s the latest piece of news about the  Budapest Ideal Org. Its grand opening was originally planned to take place on either 21st or the 28th of May. According a recent promo piece, it will be opened “in the next few weeks”.

Our sources say that they do not have a certificate of occupancy due to “gross incompetence on the part of the Church and the general contractor”, and that’s why they can’t announce a date yet.

One of the leading figures of the “Ideal Org Project” posted the following plan on Facebook:

  1. they intend to complete the fundraising for the media campaign by selling the special leatherbound Dianetics books (it is almost completed, only a few books are left out of the original 500
  2. the newly opened Scientology Media Productions will create and run a campaign when the org is opened. Apparently it will be the first org-related campaign this new entity is doing and it will be based on the surveys conducted in Budapest by Hungarian Scientologists.
  3. new public will swarm the org, looking for answers.

Knowing the Church, #1 will be certainly completed. The rest? Not so sure.