Are Scientologist management consultants trying to hide their links to Scientology?

This week 7 (seven) blog entries in the Hungarian blog of the foundation were complained about to blog service provider, citing privacy/data protection issues, and subsequently they were made unavailable. All these entries covered the activities of Scientologist business consultants.

Also this week, the foundation received 12 (twelve) official privacy-related requests/complaints (registered mail that we had to sign for) from Scientologist business consultants.

The complaints concern the page that lists the Hungarian business consultants who specialize in selling the Hubbard management method (the page on our website that lists them is only available in Hungarian).

Here is a photo of the letters:

There were two types:

  • they either wanted to delete all their personal data (name, company name, ownership etc.) from the information website of the foundation
  • or they wanted to know the following: how did I get their personal data [note: all I published was their names and the names of their companies, which are public record & their affiliation to Scientology is evident from their own websites], where is it published, was it forwarded to anyone and how they can have these data erased.

They will have their answer in 25 days, as mandated by the law.

And a note:

Scientologists are supposedly travelling on a bridge to total freedom.

And yet, both complaint/request types I received were COMPLETELY IDENTICAL. Word for word, they wanted to know the same. That’s how free they are to act.

See here – four different Scientologist senders sent exactly the same request: